Fuck Brooklyn


Neymar is not so bad i guess


David Luis though I dunno

ONly jEws CaN go up To tHe top of The SpAce NeeDLe

Is fútbol dead?

…these days it certainly seems so, and a trip in the youtube timemachine is completely necessary as we count down to this summer’s penultimate tourney.

77 days remaining.

Ecuador vs. Les Bleus June 25th, 2014.

…stay tuned

Q is for Quietness…


…culled from On City Streets, a quick read described as ****A remarkable compendium of poems and photographs that captures the heart and soul of the city and its people****

Perhaps…but one must question the placement of a cafe racer beneath a poem extolling the virtues of silence. But, perhaps it was a little joke by the editor. On City Streets was published in 1968, and one can imagine the noisy little two-stroke blasting around the empty avenues of a 1960′s Sunday’s Manhattan. Note the single downturned bar-end mirror, air scoop on the front drum, and low handlebars. As for the rider; bubble helmet, fingerless gloves, and loafers complete the look. At first glance, the bike is a of their infamous two strokes. But no…it’s something else. A Bultaco…maybe?


The Pan American Highway 70 years ago

Cool video found on Dan the Man’s website

The entire length of the Panamericana is pretty much all paved now…progress man

Noguchi Redox²


Red Cube, Isamu Noguchi, 1968
140 Broadway, Manhattan

As an addendum to our previous post related to Japanpal Isamu Noguchi, note the giant Red Cube that adorns the plaza in front of the HSBC building downtown in Manhattan’s Financial District.  It’s Noguchi’s own and it’s huge, much bigger than the Astor Place cube, although it doesn’t rotate. Regardless, it’s large and in charge. A refreshing counterpoint to the Japanese tendency to celebrate the phallus.